Budget Hotels In London: For A Sunny Time In A

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Budget Hotels In London: For A Sunny Time In A Rain-drenched City

You crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn. Hunger pains hound you. Your dinner last night had only consisted of cabbage soup with a special ingredient: a single potato. Your mouth waters as you dream of a breakfast fit for an English king: eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans and mushrooms, and fried bread. But you skip breakfast because your cupboards have been bare for months. You put on your drab and tattered clothes, toss on your hat, and then walk outside your rustic house, heading towards the docks.

The First World War and the U.S. stock market crash have sent Great Britain’s economy into a downward spiral. When you get to the docks, the foreman announces that he only needs 10 men to unload the few ships that docked overnight. His head turns from side to side, scanning the sea of tired, nearly hopeless faces in front of him. After quickly pointing and choosing the first nine men, he looks you in the eye for a few seconds. The foreman then raises his arm, ready to point out the last man of the one-day workforce. Is this scene too dismal? Though the Great Depression seems to be an event in ancient history, budget hotels in London remind us of frugality’s value.

Pennies for Rainy Days
Though few of us can truthfully claim to have lived through the Great Depression, we have experienced some of its aspects on a much smaller scale. We have been hungry. We have searched for a job. We have been unable to buy everything our hearts desired. Moreover, we have learned sayings that symbolize the hardships of extreme situations: “A penny saved is a penny earned,” “Save for a rainy day,” and “Waste not, want not.” But how often do we stop to think about those sayings? By checking into one of the budget hotels in London, we can use those pennies saved for other traveling expenses.

Cheap or Frugal?
Does saving make us cheap? Samuel Johnson, one of England’s greatest poets and essayists once wrote, “Frugality may be termed the daughter of Prudence, the sister of Temperance, and the parent of Liberty.” In our day-to-day talk, we use the word “cheap” more often than “frugal.” By “cheap,” we often mean that stingy people like Ebenezer Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol” should enjoy their money a little bit more, or give back to the community. Both “frugal” and “cheap” have very difficult connotations. A frugal person will buy an economy-sized tube of toothpaste from the supermarket to save money for his child’s college education. A cheap person will buy a low-quality toothpaste from a dollar store when he could afford to buy a chain of dollar stores! If you choose one of the premium budget hotels in London, you can spend less and still get the service you deserve.

The Best Budgets
Is it really possible to find affordable yet comfortable lodging during your stay in London, one of Europe’s most expensive cities to live in? Yes! Certain budget hotels in London can accomplish that mission without causing you to holler “Blimey!” after seeing your bill. Such hotels have a friendly staff, a convenient location, and the amenities you want-all at an affordable rate! Nobody can accuse you of being miserly when you stay at one of the best budget hotels in London.

Eras like the Great Depression remind us of the value of being frugal because we do not know when the next “rainy day” will be. However, checking into budget hotels in London with great service and low rates can make all of your days sunny, even in rainy London!

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