Cancun All Inclusive Hotels

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In the early 1950s, Cancun was an underdeveloped and scarcely populated island, with just one coconut plantation and small Pre-Columbian ruins of the Maya civilization. The Government of Mexico took steps to develop it as a tourist resort on a loan from the International Development Bank. A causeway to link the two parts of Cancun, an international airport and a model city for workers, with housing, schools and healthcare facilities were constructed. The Government began its development programs in 1970 and accelerated them in the 1980s.

Today, the city, including the mainland and the island, is home to 500,000 residents, most of whom are from mainland Mexico, and a growing number from the rest of America and Europe.

Cancun has a wide range of tourist accommodation to suit everyone. There are about 140 hotels with 24,000 rooms and 380 restaurants. The hotel zone is very exclusive and multinational, with up-market restaurants, bars, and clubs that cater to the rich and famous. The hotel zone is expensive and depends on the all inclusive hotels to retain visitors in this area. This tendency has allowed prices to keep soaring, a common factor that affects all tourist resorts.

Due to their several advantages, all-inclusive hotels have become the norm in Cancun. One important plus point about most inclusive hotels is the package that they offer airfare, food and accommodation, all wrapped into one. An all-inclusive ticket can save a lot of money, as much as $600 per person on a single journey. Though all inclusive hotels are expensive, they make the stay comfortable. They offer very good accommodations and supply food, beverages and drinks 24 hours a day.

Some of the all inclusive hotels in Cancun include Ambiance Villas and Club, Aquamarina Beach Hotel, Barcelo Tucancun, Club Carrousel Cancun and Crown Paradise Club Cancun. Most of the all inclusive hotels are situated at the beach and cost from approximately $40 $150 per night. All inclusive hotels enable the visitor to enjoy his visit with comfort.

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